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Нью-Йорк США Retrieval system of New York

New York public transport works 24 hours a day. This system is well developed for the city of such size, there are subway, buses and known to everyone yellow cabs. Also there is a cable railroad on the island of Roosevelt and the ferries in Staten Island. The public transport system in New York is called Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Every form of public transport is designed to provide an ease of movement around the city for the inhabitants and guests. Each of the means of transport has its own peculiarities. Local authorities worry about the safety in the public transport, so everywhere there are the double guard and installed video surveillance.

One of the New York's symbols is yellow taxis (taxi cabs). Most of the New Yorkers like them and hate at the same time. On the one hand, it is a simple and easy way to travel; on the other hand, more than 12,000 taxis create the huge traffic jams. To catch a taxi you should raise your hand and imagine that you are the Statue of Liberty. The fare in the taxi is lower than in other cities. There is also a Car Service where you can order a taxi. Each of the cars has a white diamond-shaped mark on the right side of the windshield and there is no counter. The cost of the trip is negotiated in advance when you order the car.

But there are some taxis that can not be stopped by a simple show of hands and in any place, as they ply the waters, not the land. New York Water Taxis are very popular among the people of this city. It is rather comfortable kind of transportation, besides here you can drink coffee, cappuccino and other drinks.

New York subway system has 468 stations and 24 routes. The trains have alphabetic (A, B, C and etc.) or numeric (1, 2, 3 and etc.) designation and connect four parts of the city such as Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. At each station you are free to take a map with routes of the subway trains and buses. You need to pay only once when entering the subway. There are two types of fare: a card (Metrocard) and cash.

New York has an extensive network of bus routes, which transports more than 2 million passengers every day. The bus cost is the same as it is in the subway. To pay the fare you can use Metrocard or cash. But if you pay cash, then you need to take into account that the bus driver does not give you a change. In the buses, as well as in subway cars, there is an air conditioning. There are optional stops; so, if you want to get off a bus you should click on a special "belt" that runs between the windows of the bus, or pull the cord.

One more interesting kind of transportation is cable railroad, which was built in 1976. It is very pleasant to go over Manhattan at the height of 75 meters in a carriage and enjoy the panorama of New York City. Lots of inhabitants in New York do not have own cars, they prefer to use the public transport. They are very hospitable and gladly will tell you where to go, what transport is better to get, and even will bring you directly to the destination.

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